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CashmereShopping provides reviews, information & advice on shopping for cashmere online. We have checked out specialist online cashmere retailers, plus other well-known high street retailers who supply good quality cashmere, for example M&S, Pure Collection, Boden, John Lewis and other well known brands.

CashmereShopping aims to provide online cashmere shoppers with a hand-picked selection of the best online cashmere retailers and websites. Our editorial team has reviewed the online retailers themselves so that visitors can be reassured that recommended cashmere retailers are reliable and know that they meet our high standards.

Cashmere Care & Information

At CashmereShopping we also offer a comprehensive guide to caring for your cashmere with information and advice on hand washing and dry cleaning, top tips for making your cashmere last and product reviews & recommendations. CashmereShopping offers everything you need to make your cashmere shopping experience more rewarding.

Our cashmere care section contains useful information on how to care for your beautiful cashmere products with recommendations and advice on dry cleaning, hand washing and storage. We have also included some interesting facts on the site about how cashmere wool is sourced and prepared, making it one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world.

Online Cashmere Offers

This season we have some exciting new cashmere retailers joining the site during the next few months. Now that we have a dedicated page for cashmere offers you find the best online discounts and savings to make your cashmere shopping experience even more worthwhile. We hope you enjoy browsing through the latest collections.

Cashmere Gifts

Cashmere is a luxurious gift at any time of year - the ideal present for Christmas, birthdays or special occasions for men, women and children.

The many suppliers we recommend on CashmereShopping have a wealth of beautiful cashmere which makes the ultimate luxury Christmas gift. If you order online you can choose from an extensive range of items ranging from the latest cashmere cardigans, for serious snuggling, to cashmere scarves in a brilliant range of colours.

At CashmereShopping you can search by brand and you can choose from clothing such as jumpers, sweaters and cardigans or accessories such as gloves, scarves and socks. For the home there are luxurious hot water bottle covers, blankets and gorgeous items for babies - all in the loveliest pure cashmere.

As online shopping for cashmere becomes ever easier you can check the delivery information and returns policies with the leading cashmere retailers we recommend, before you place your order - just in case the perfect present is the wrong size or colour. Several online cashmere companies also offer gift wrapping to make your cashmere shopping an even more enjoyable experience. With cashmere prices at their competitive best and a far larger range available online than ever before, cashmere is seriously worth considering as a luxurious present.

Pashmina & Cashmere

The word pashmina actually refers to the same wool we know as cashmere. The wool is harvested from the same goats and is cleaned and combed to produced the same wool yarn. However, goat herders in Kashmir refer to the wool they collect from their goats as 'pashm' and pashmina is the local words for the fine pashm once it has been combed, washed and spun into yarn - this terms has become synonymous with the soft warm shawls which are often manufactured from a blend of pashmina wool and silk.

The Cashmere and Camel Manufacturers Institute defines cashmere as "The fine undercoat fibers produced by a Cashmere goat (Capra hircus laniger)." The term cashmere is an English derivative of the region known as Kashmir from where the fibre was originally exported.

cashmere comb
Cashmere Comb
To maintain a soft and smooth finish, de-pill your cashmere with our useful cashmere comb before washing.

We've selected a quality comb that we use ourselves. It's £5.50 for two. Postage and packing is FREE.

£4.68 (plus 82p VAT) - Two Cashmere Combs £5.50 with FREE p&p STRICTLY UK ORDERS ONLY

Two Cashmere Combs option is two individual combs in their own packaging. We only deliver to UK addresses and will charge an administration fee for cancelling orders from outside the UK.